Stargazer Dobermans​​​​
                     Breeder Kimberly Jones 
Check out the pups in New pup page they are all huge and healtrhy doing very well'
I'm so excited about this litter

The entire website has been updated read front to back 

Planned Litters coming up 

This is Ace who is 30 inches tall and weighs 120 lbs 

 these pups ARE $1,500 without their ears cropped I cannot post ears due to an injury thank you so much we micro chip our puppies for you
She had them in my bed I don't care I needed a new one anyway
Puppies are a Gift from God 

We got their early Sunday Morning and this is what accured the very next day  12-11-18 & 12-12-2018

This is My Diesel Sullys the sire to 
Sydney's Desire has all the great bloodlines in his 
topline Champion Hoytts Kiss of Fire and all Hoytt on his topline then he has Littorio and Kimbertal on his bottom line  believe it that  Hoytts and Kimbertal bred the oversized Doberman back in the 70's 

Ace is 30 inches tall and weighs in at 120 lbs. 

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