Stargazer Dobermans​​ New Upate to date information about the next Litter  She is so ready to head for Houston TX

Planned Litters coming up 

This is Ace who is 30 inches tall and weighs 115 lbs 

This is Sydney's Desire she is 29 inches tall and she is 95 lbs 
​she's huge and she knows it !!!!!!! 

Sydney Started Bleeding on Nov 28 I took her in December 1 to have her progestrone levels checked and I take her back in today for yet another round of Bloodwork I will post the results just as soon as I get them She is so ready to head to Houston Texas my Neuter Male is Trying to Mount her  So Getting ready to Leave today Saturday Decmeber 8th 2018 

this also ACE He comes out of a Champoin Sire and a Full Euro as his dam Vwd clear 

This is My Diesel Sullys the sire to 
Sydney's Desire has all the great bloodlines in his 
topline  Hoytts of fire and all Hoytt on his topline then he was Littorio and Kimbertal on his bottom line  

I already have a list of people started for this litter she should be coming into heat soon don't miss out on this litter I'm keeping a pup. All dogs have been health tested for everything  Vwd1 DCM 1-2 thyroid panels done guarented 5 years on hips and elbows When we sell a pup it goes to the Vet and gets a health Certificate We have flown pups to almost every state in the United states except to Hawii  and Alaska every pup is seen by a Vet several times before it's flown The shipping crate Health Certifcate and Crate plus plane fair is at the cost of the buyer . The pups that are whelped will be put on this page