Stargazer Dobermans​​​​
                     Breeder/Trainer Kimberly Jones 

We will soon have housebroke and  obedience trained pups  Perimater trained guard dogs

look for our next litter arriving very soon put your orders in early we breed for .............

     Owned since 1971...I've been breeding the Oversized Doberman Pinscher since 1973 always keeping in mind the dream I had from a child and that's to breed the Biggest dogs I could who are healthy and live long lives.

    I grew up on McConnell AFB and back then they had these huge Dobermans guarding the gate they so impressed me that I dreamed of when I grew up that I would breed those so at the age of 11 I had been babysitting since the age of 10 first I bought a small horse at auction for $15 it cost me $5 a month to board her I bought the feed and my grandfather provided the alfalfa hay then I bought Jonna not quite full doberman but she looked exactly like a red one for $5 I had to do her tail dues and ears my parents were in love being dog breeders of Boxers themselves. That was until Jonna and they were hooked. In 1973 I was able to buy my first Kharlotta all I had to do was have her ears cropped she was AKC and back then Phillip Burford DVM was the best in town so I went to him he did such a beautiful job and that was the begining of a life long relationship that lasted from 1973 to 2016 he was the type of Vet who would have died doing what he loved but in 2016 after years of back problems he finally went in for a epidural and it went bad and left him in unbearable pain to the point he had to retire he was already in his mid 70's but that man  taught me everything I know about Vet care he didn't take my dog or pups into a different area he did it right in front of me except for cropping of the ears.

    I've always given my own shots since my father was a Pharmacist he taught me when I was young to keep my dogs and horses vaccinated.
    He taught me so much and now both of them are out of my life.
    I miss them so much their teachings and just being there for me now when I go to the Vet they take my puppies away to do their dues and tails.
    I've found a new ear Vet he's expensive but worth the money.
    I have 10 1/2 acres out in the Country all fenced in and Protected BY NIGHT VISON CAMERAS. 
    I am so blessed doing what I love...... I have plans to start keeping some of my pups to train them in obeinace and perimater training at this point in my life I am ready to take qualified pups to their training max  for service dogs and pups who qualify for being trained to be Guard Dogs.......... Thats always been my goal is to Breed for our Military......Police